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Fall 2023 Repertoire

Every Summertime opb. NIKKI

Featuring: Ashley McKnight '24

Arranged by: Jason Xue '25

Go Away opb. Tate McRae

Featuring: Tessa Burke '26

Arranged by: Jason Xue '25

Selene opb. Imagine Dragons

Featuring: Justin Plaza '24

Arranged by: Noah Kim '24

All This Love opb. JP Cooper

Featuring: Shea Schindelar '25

Arranged by: Shea Schindelar '25

One Last Song opb. Sam Smith

Featuring: Keara Kierstead '26

Arranged by: AJ Singh '23


Comfortable opb. Alessia Cara

Featuring: Ashley McKnight '25

Arranged by: Jason Xue '25

The 2000's Medley

Group Song

Arranged by: AJ Singh '23

I See Red opb. Everybody Loves an Outlaw

Featuring: Ellie Hilscher '24

Arranged by: AJ Singh '23

The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us

Featuring: Noah Kim '24

Arranged by: Jason Xue '25, Noah Kim '24

Climb On​ opb. Shawn Colvin

Perennial Group Song
Arranged by: Matty Lane '98


Additional songs upon request:

- National Anthem

- Happy Birthday (an original Acoustics rendition!)

- etc.

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